Alcobaça is a region to visit, to know, to explore and to feel.

Food, History, Agriculture, Heritage



Alcobaça is a region to visit, discover, explore and feel. It stands out for its highly valued cultural, architectural and natural heritage. From the relics of the Cistercian Order to the beaches, from the caves and mills to the orchards and olive groves.
There is a strong historical tradition of agriculture in the Municipality based on the Cistercian community - horticulturist monks - who for seven centuries were lords of the region and became renowned nationally both for the innovation of their techniques and methods of production and the quality of their products. In fact, the excellent soil and climate of the region still give the industry a competitive edge in the Municipality.


Despite the current difficulties experienced by the agricultural sector, which mainly result from a lack of interest among the younger generation, rising costs of factors of production, an increasingly competitive and demanding market, an ageing population with a low level of education and professionalization, all compounded by a scarcity of water resources, an imbalance in the land-ownership structure and, above all, a lack of integrated support policies, agriculture remains an area of activity with great potential for development within the Municipality.